About Us



At Arizona Community Assisted Living Home (AZCALH), we provide care for individuals from independent living to directed care. As with many other assisted-living homes we have medical experience. We also have additional experience in managing G.I./Liver diseases, Diabetes, Narcotic management and Psychiatric/Mental illness. 

AZCALH opened in 2016, after we had been helping an acquaintance with his care for the past six years in our own home. His family was unable to care for him and he had no funds to provide towards his daily or health care needs. This is what helped us find our passion and the decision to open a facility that would provide quality, yet affordable care.

We understand that many elderly or disabled individuals that require assistance with daily living activities prefer to stay at their own home.  At AZCALH, we stride to provide a home-like environment for residence. At the same time promoting independence for each of them.

About Us...


 JR and Alyssa are a young family of 3 children, 3 dogs and a tropical garden in the making. JR is a fourth-generation Arizona native, growing up in old town Gilbert when only a few buildings existed and farmers were at every corner.  He spends his days working as the Director of Care Coordination.  Alyssa was born outside of Chicago, IL, but raised in Arizona since the age of two. She currently is the Certified Manager and an Administrator at Arizona's largest and fastest-growing Psychiatric outpatient facility. They believe in strong family-orientation, gardening and home farming. Gardening is a family activity that they have grown to enjoy over the years. They offer a garden on-site of the home that is accessible to the residence, if they choose.  Also, on the premises are several citrus, tropical fruit trees and plants.